We are so obsessed with the big bash parties we see in Bollywood/Hollywood, no? Imagine one day you woke up with an unmatched, blinding intensity and you don’t know what happened last night, or how come you are here this morning. This is happening because you have attended one of the best parties ever. If you are a person who can spend much to get livelier experience and want to attend these epic bashes. Then we are happily telling you that they’re all over the world. Scroll down to know where you need to head for that:

1. Spring Break [Cancun, Mexico]

Spring break in (Cancun)

If you want to spend your spring with these drunken people then raise your hands with those who too decided like you to trek to Cancun to party with them. There are lot of places where you could spend your spring break but none can match Cancun. It has been considered craziest parties in entire world, drinking all day, every day during the stay.

2. Full Moon Party [KO PHA NGAN, Thailand]

Full Moon Party in (Thailand)

You might have guessed well with the name, this party occurs for a few nights around every full moon on Thai island Koh Pha Ngan. This happens entire night and people from all around the world dance and booze together and sometime it reaches upto 20,000 and partying the night away. Once the full moon is over, the island becomes tranquil until the next full moon is getting close. From drinks to house accommodation are very cheap and affordable.

3. Carnival [Rio De Janerio, Brazil]

Carnival in (Rio de janeiro)

Countless people every year attended Carnival in Rio De Janeiro as it is the largest carnival and parade in the world – basically, its Mardi Gras on steroids. This celebration fills up the moment for 5 days finishing on Fat Tuesday before Lent. Beautiful dancing and lavish parades with exotic costumes makes this parade a real charm to eyes. Street parties are very common during this celebration and the bars and clubs are a ton fun in Rio

4. IOS [Greece]

Typical party (Greece)

In between the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, IOS is a tiny island located in Greece. This isn’t a typical party island, of all the Greek islands; Ios takes the gold medal for the best partying. Summers are the time when people come here from all over the globe and drinks from noon to the next morning. There are lot of bars and clubs to party at affordable prices.

5. IBIZA [Spain]


If you are music and dance lover then this spot will win your heart as it is referred to as the dance music capital of the world. Ibiza thrives during the summer months, and is definitely one of the craziest party places to have great fun. With top notch DJ’s at all the clubs you party like animal and you don’t care whether you land up onto next day. If you are a person who can spend much and loves electronic then this place is for you.

6. Beirut [Lebanon]

Summers parties in (London)

It has history you must have known, this could make your eyes wide open. Beirut is a gorgeous coastal city that has great parties all summer long from early afternoon until sun up the next morning. There are many clubs along the beach and they have been featured in several magazines for being a most stylish clubs in Beirut.

7. Las Vegas [USA]

Las vegas (USA)

I mean who haven’t heard about this? I think everyone knows about this amazing place to party in. It has some of the craziest pool parties in the world. Why you want to go the strip club when you can be a part of the pool parties where you see girls already stripped down. If you are great poker player or wants to try your luck then Las Vegas is known for great casinos. It is amazing experience and what makes partying here stand out is that you can do whatever you want at anytime you want. What happens in vegas, stays in vegas!

8. Mallorca [Spain]

Mallorca party in (Spain)

This Spanish island is the area where people love to party all night long. It is most underrated place but it’s much more of bar scene. If you want to booze all day long at reasonable price then this place is a perfect destination for you to go. Here partying till next day is so common.

9. Mardi Gras [New Orleans, USA]

Mardi gras new orleans (USA)

Well this may fill curiousness in your veins that this annual festival is celebrated on Fat Tuesday and has the reputation of being one of the most out of control parties in the World. It is also referred as the “Greatest Free Show on Earth”, because of the abundant free parades and constant circus atmosphere.

10. El Tunco [El Salvador]

El tunco el (Salvador)

I am sure you haven’t heard about this place before, but rest assured, when sun decides to set this small Salvadoran coastal town knows how to party. From backpackers to locals all come together to party and dance as they all watch one of the beautiful sunsets imaginable. Being here is a wonderful feeling and you too want to forget everything and just want to do party, this is the place to go for.

This feature originally appeared in Toptenz.