Goa! This name is enough to inject endless leisure. We’re pretty sure about the places to visit when every time you plan a trip to Goa. Normally, a guy started grooving on confirming the booze prices over there, he doesn’t want anything else. But people who explore places to observe the core hip streets and verdant nature capes, here are few places which are waiting for you to be explored. If you wish to experience and craft memories on the untouched, unspoilt, rather pristine version of this coastal beauty, they you are not allowed to skip these unexplored places.

1. Harvalem Falls


It is a hidden gem in lush jungles which is considered Goa’s one of the amazing waterfalls with milky white water cascading down tough scenic boulders. If you are seeking out for some privacy, this place will be your dreamy course of action.

2. Rivona Caves


If you are a person whom history entertain oodles of everything then this cave has a very rich Buddhist history. It has laterite rock inside where it has been heard that it was a Buddhist monk’s seat who once meditated there. It is one of the most fascinating places in Goa to explore for lively experience.

3. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

Butterfly conservatory of goa

I don’t think if huge numbers of people have heard about this exotic place. I consider it most exciting yet least known places to visit in Goa. The basic effort which had been pushed to make this park was conserve butterfly species native to Goa and is currently home to over 133 species of butterflies.

4. Bogmalo Beach


No matter how exiguous its visitors may be, the beach proffers to all a perfect blend of commercial space and natural beauty with heartfelt serene, azure water, a beguile village nearby, sea-facing staying and utter peace and serenity., shacks with delicious cuisines,

5. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

Cumbarjua backwater canal

Well, if I am not wrong you must be an adventure enthusiast and nature lovers too. If you are one then we have got an ideal place to visit for sure. Read this sentence to unlock the great thrill – During this Backwater Cruise ride you will spot crocodiles sunbathing lazily on the banks. It is one of the secret places in Goa.

6. Our Lady of the Mount

Our lady of the mount

I might be close in guessing that you are a deep observer, and if I am close enough then this church of Our Lady of the Mount in the lap of small hill is a beautiful masterpiece of architecture and history. It helps you to relax in peace and aside you from all the hustle bustle of Goa.

7. Pequeno (Bat) Island

Pequeno bat island

You may be feel that you are some character in somebody’s fairy tale while riding on boat or ferry at this Pequeno Island. It is a 30 minute boat ride from Vasco da Gama’s Baina beach. Due to its concealed nature, it is easily overlooked by most and is thus one of the most secluded and unexplored places to visit in Goa.

8. Fort Tiracol

Tiracol fort

Something breathtaking you are going to witness! Fort Tiracol is the most delightful fort in Goa due to its design and architecture. This ultimate fort of the time of 17th Century is build at cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean and holding seven rooms, each named after a day in the week. Isn’t it something which would get your words, are you serious? Well this isn’t same now as it has been turned out to be a marvellous hotel.

9. Arvalem Caves

Arvalem caves

Turn back to the pages of 6th century; the Arvalem Caves or Pandava Caves have long been the centre of debate on amount of their mixed form of adventure. There were some gossips about the caves that it was used by Pandavas due to the presence of Shivlings inside the compartments. Other came on front with a point that the caves are Buddhist as there’s a huge statute of Buddha near the place. We should not be fall in talks of the people; the cave’s rock cut foundations, its mysterious aura, and its historic appeal never fails to charm visitors.

10. Mobor Beach

Mobor beach

This will definitely take you to the arms of peace, a visually attractive abode, you could enjoy a beautiful sunset over clean white sands, crystal clear water and a mind boggling windy environment.

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