Buoyant might be a way of life at home, but it always advisable for women travellers to investigate a bit about their destination before packing bags. It’s difficult to hold ones fear back for a woman while travelling solo. This fear does make them do mistakes during their vacations.
So, Ladies if you are planning to explore a new place alone. You are at the right place.
Let’s check what to avoid!

Here’s the list of Top 10 Mistakes (Solo) Female Travelers Make:

1. Not packing suitable Dress/Accessories

Not packing suitable Dress/Accessories

Women usually forget to find out about the suitable dress for appropriate destination. It’s great to research about what the locals wear and what they absolutely don't allow before leaving home. Also, keeping light and comfortable clothes rather fancy clothes is better while traveling. It depends on climate too.

Yeah, Wearing Flashy Jewellery does make you look cute on vacation. But it may put a solo women traveller into a problem. So, ladies if you don’t want to seem like a wealthy target. Leave the shiny stuff at home.

2. Welcoming Food/Drink from Strangers.

Welcoming Food/Drink from Strangers.

People sitting beside you in a public transport might be very friendly and interesting and can offer lots of good advice about what to do at your destination. It’s great to interact with others while travelling solo but Again, evaluate very carefully before you accept any eatable item from them. Accepting food from foreigner is not always the right thing to do. No one wants to wake up and find their friendly neighbours gone along with all their belongings!

 3.Not planning arrival and departure during day time

Not planning arrival and departure during day time

Reaching to a New Location after Dark is of course not safe for lovely ladies. Taking a flight that late at night might cost less, but do you really want to arrive in a strange city for the first time when the streets are dark and empty? Traveling during daylight makes it easier to find shelter and gives you time to move to new place if you don’t find it suitable.”

4. Not Having a Backup Plan

Not Having a Backup Plan

It does happen when you run out of cash while travelling but it’s even more problematic to tackle the situation when traveling solo. And, asking strangers for help wn't turn out safe for women! So, why not to be prepared for it? It’s very necessary to have a good backup plan if you get robbed or if you lose your credit/debit cards. The best trick for this to small amount of money in empty pill bottles as no one can see through them. Leaving this bottle in a backpack or in a hotel room, it will remain safe and ready for you as no one will think of stealing them.
Being medically unprepared can turn off for your vacation. So, always carry medicines with you.
Also, be sure to carry a hard and soft copy of your passport and other important documents. It will make it easier to have access of your documents in case it’s stolen.

5.Not being feisty, with uninvited Attention

Not being feisty,

Yes that’s right that you don’t be rude to friendly locals. But, it is important that you are confident and assertive if you are getting unwanted attention from someone in letting them know that you are not interested.
It’s best to remain cordial. Rather than getting visually angry, and politely ask them to leave you alone. And Say good bye with a smile! Tada!

6.Showcasing Expensive Items

Showcasing Expensive Items

Keeping exorbitant gadgets, like your Phone or camera, masked in a day bag is a great start, and not drawing yourself noticeable with costly or flashy clothing can help to reduce the chances of being a victim. As, theft is something that happens around the world!!

7.Not preparing Every Day schedule

Every Day schedule

One of my biggest mistakes is not be prepared for every day. Schedule your plans and visits to different location can help you to save time and explore more places peacefully.

8.Not carrying a Map

Not carrying a Map

Although, you can always ask a local to point out location to find your way home, but it’s always advisable to carry one e-map with you like google map. It’s also advisable to research about all the directions online. And buying a copy of Map too!

9.Not Packing Light

Not Packing Light

Yes, women do love to carry their home while travelling. Ladies wants to carry everything from eye mascara to footwear matching to their outfits. Carrying too much items is in female genes. But, Alas! There’ll be no superman to carry that heavy suitcase up the stairs for you! So, it’s always advisable to travel light because it’s not enjoyable to travel when you get exhausted!

10.Booking an Unlicensed Cab & Answering Your Hotel Door

Unlicensed Cab

Women do rush take illegal car without realising its drawback. Don’t be tempted by unlicensed cabs, even if they’re light on your pockets. Cab have license for a reason! Until and unless you have requested for a service, it’s not appropriate to open your hotel door when you’re alone in the room. Calling to the hotel’s front desk to verify the visitor is advisable for safety reasons.

From flight/trains numbers, to hotel stays, women needs to make sure that they pre assure about wherever you go. Being fearless and confident is the key to enjoy wanderlust for a woman