Delhi – Dilwaalo ki !! This capital of India holds ample things like an overwhelming amount of history, culture, life, food, temples, and everything else you could possible imagine. I am an honest guy; I will not disorientate you like usually blogs does. I will suggest you exciting things to do in Delhi which would fill up an experience in your life. There is a very famous quote said by Javed Akhtar that never pissed off on things like I haven’t achieved this and that, no matter if you do nothing in your life but at least you will have experience with you.

So here are some of the things you should definitely do in Delhi before you die, coz its really fascinating and amazing!

1. Jack & Jones T-Shirts in INR 150: Chor Bazar


I knew it that you won’t believe me but yes you will see sheer crowd and bustle behind the Red Fort at the crack of dawn rendered us completely speechless. It has massive amount of branded shoes and clothes to proffer you. What do you think? It has everything starting from heaps of clothes to hoards of hardware and tools, it is loaded with variety and prices. You just need to wake up early on Sunday even, to get what you fantasise.

2. A Long Drive to Dhaba: In chilly winters no?2. A Long Drive to Dhaba: In chilly winters no?

Gurgoan Dhaba

This might sounds like crazy things to do but eating in some lavish cafe’s and restaurant is something I cannot afford because there is lack of fun elements, like riding bike and travelling to this location, sitting of Khaats and eating Butter Chicken is something I couldn’t miss doing! This Convergys Dhaba, rightly bang opposite Cyber City, Gurgoan and opens 24*7.

3. JNU: It wasn’t in news for this gem!

Seeking for a safe place at night in Delhi? Here is a hidden and infamous 24*7 Dhaba for you to feed samosas, paranthas, bread rolls and a bunch of other spanking food. It opens all the time and a great place to chill with friends.

4. Are you good in bargain?


In entire world, you will good no such thing which you can find in the streets of Delhi. If you’re sick of buying clothes at heavily inflated MRP’s or a person who survives on pocket money then head straight to Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, or Janpath. You will get all kinds of wears from Indian to Western. Thank us later!

5. Do you know Asia’s Largest Wholesale Spice Market?

Khari baoli

In the busy streets of Delhi there is an Asia’s largest wholesale spice market caters variety of spices which you might have not in your lifetime. You just name it, you will get it. Explore this market to get unexpected experience if you are a person who loves drama and carry a camera to capture the contrast – Khari Baoli, New Delhi.

6. If you want to pay, pay: Kunzum Cafe


A meet up destinations for the travellers and artists to share their stories, hear travel stories and discover new travel ideas at the Kuzum Travel Cafe. Travellers come here and tell their journey to other travellers or random people. They serve good sandwiches, tea, coffee and many other things, if you would like the experience pay for the bill, else you can walk freely.

7. How good are you at pointing: Paintball


A ridiculous fun! If you are in Delhi then Saket door nahi! The desi obsession with bright and brilliant colours finds perfect expression in the brand spanking paintball field. Like go along with your fields and be like real gamers.

8. Paratha Lovers?

Paratha Lovers

It doesn’t matter at what time you are craving for Parantha, where there is a hope, there is a way. Although the streets of Delhi is beleaguered with hundreds of roadside stalls. Moolchand Parathe Waala is a saviour for many people. It opens entire night at Lajpat Nagar, Ring Road.

9. Go crazy at India Gate

India Gate

Okay, this seems really crazy but life is all about doing this kind of foolishness. Recall your childhood, drive late night to India gate and eat ice cream. You can make your ice cream that precious while eating it facing the view of India Gate. What Say?

10 . Mocha Arthouse


If art is your thing and it relax you then there is an art gallery serving organic and raw foods, hosting music and dance performances, housed in a massive mall. This place is a delight to eyes and has so much to offer like oreo cookie, fudge, brownie milkshake etc. A very impressive execution which will leave you spellbound.

So it entertains you much and we have listed to do list for you. If you have any, suggest us in the comment box below.