India is a fun place with lots of dramatic people to hang around with. Both confronting and stimulating, whilst peaceful and inspiring it is the contrasts that make India so special.

Make sure your bucket has all the space to get our list of destinations and have urge to not skip or cancel the plan at last moment. We have brought you amazing places to hit in minimum budget. Let us plan your trip to secure your pocket from burning.

1. Manali to Leh on Bike


We know how much fuel you burn in front of girl’s hostel; stop drifting around girls for a time being, save money and take on a riveting but equally challenging bike expedition from Manali to Leh.

Play Smartly

Go with the group of people, avoid hotels and ask for the discount while eating around. Tell them you have huge following and you gonna promote them in your town.

2. Run on the beach of Rann of Kutch


Knock yourself out from all the hustle bustle of life and you will found nothing around you at Thar Desert which is in itself one of a kind experience. Bookmark yourself in Kutch during kite festival and roam under the sky with vibrant and oversized kites flying right above you.

Tackle Smartly

Take off to Ahmedabad which will pinch your pocket in or around INR 1,500 and look out for a seat in cab or local bus from there

3.Ekla Chalo to Kolkata


If you are a person who loves to seek for the culture, traditions and customs of different worlds then Kolkata is a best place for you to collect the bizarre memories.

Get Friendly

Get your Bengali friend along to make your trip easier in terms of commuting and public speaking. He can allot you a heavy discount in accommodation or he/she might have a home there.

4. Do Nothing at Gokarna


If you get bored with job, studies or household chores (Ok Sorry) then Gokarna is for you to do nothing except chilling around with friends on booze. It is a more toned down version of Goa. Relax on the beaches, absorb the scenery of rocky terrains and pristine waters and enjoy by doing just about nothing.

Get Lost

Switch off your phones, do not click selfies to post, else people will judge you for do nothing!

5. In the lap of Sunderbans


Experience the boati-ful untamed nature of Sunderbans with a boat ride. In the faint light of sun, nature paints the view with shady yellow color and during the ride you can witness the fisherman’s cove, a three hundred year old temple, crocodile’s den, deer rehabilitation centre and much more.

Travel Smartly

Take a flight to Kolkata and look out for a cab or public transport for Sunderbans.

6. Yak Safari in Ladakh


You must have feeling tired of listening and seeing pictures on facebook of Elephant, Horse or Camel Safari, how about Yak Safari in Ladakh for an offbeat experience? Explore the green meadows, gushing brooks and glacial valley on Yak Safari.

Personal Suggestion

Do not reach ladakh from Tata Safari, chances of making a Yak sad would be there.

7. Chandni Chowk for Foodies


If you are a person who listens to his stomach only then the streets of Chandni Chowk is waiting for you! Take a street tour and witness the mouth watering mughali dishes, north indian food, spicy chats, sweet jalebis and much more.

No Compromise

When it comes to good food I would suggest you to not compromise on anything! Fight for rights, start thinking about yourself. Go!

8. Remind Your Childhood in a toy train


Remind your careless time by hopping on a narrow gauged toy train. Wave your hands from the window of the train and shout like kids while crossing through winding trails, colorful landscapes, verdant hillocks and emerald stretches. You can grab your seats in this toy train in Darjeeling, Matheran, Ooty and Shimla.

Stay Human, Not Bolt

It can irritate you in terms of speed but stay patient because you are suppose to be in your childhood.

9. Scuba Diving in Andaman


How long you keep watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for Scuba experience? Wait let me take you to the fascinating world! Get yourself plunged into eleven to fifteen feet deep into the turquoise beach, also you will be transported to a hidden water kingdom Convinced Enough?


This will cost you little higher! Okay, we are sorry but you can look into the India’s map, it is in outskirt there.

10. Live Life in Wildlife Trip at Corbett


If you are born to live for the daring life, we dare you to go for the trip at Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand. Make your eyes wide open to see the beauty of thick jungles through jeep safari. For the gustier, exclusive elephant safaris are available too.

Mere naye plan ke mutaabit

You can get hefty discount through travel packages. Photographers let your Farhan out and become a genius idiot by doing wildlife photography.

Phew! We have settled the best deals for you to travel these beautiful destinations. Remind us while putting back all your saved money in your wallet after the trip.