We are normally stuck to photo albums and no one actually heeds about generic travel souvenirs anymore. Let’s just hit on something different which will inspire you and people who behold your journey.

Let your creative ideas speak out this time. We know you must have uploaded some of the pictures on Instagram and Facebook but once it will pass with time you’ll hardly see again.

We draft some of the crafty ideas to make your travel memories more vivid and enduring!

#1 Stop crap, start a scrap – Scrapbook

Holiday Destination

TWhat fascinates you after few months are the most mundane things which you might collect during your trip whether it’s a parking slip, train tickets, bank notes or whatever which afterwards make you smile!

#2 Shoot ‘em all

Shoot Travel Memories

I mean shoot every single thing with your camera or phone. Videos always make you alive and push you towards it to cherish all the moments you spent together with your family or friends.

Try to make a film of your journey. A basic editing you can learn from Google anytime. All you need to do is organize the raw you record with some sweet captions or titles.

#3 Out of the boxes

Affordable trips

This seems really simple but it adds a value to make it more amazing for reliving the journey. Make a travel memory box for each destination you visit. Whatever you could bring from each destination put it inside the box. Write a name of the destination to give it a cover. Also, it will keep all your travel mementos organized. It will look great if you place it in living room.

#4 Collect Something

Weekend trips

I mean imagine that you have collected at least one object from each place you visit, can you calculate the amount of enviable collection from all around the globe.

Collect whatever you feel like but keep one thing in mind, behind collecting there should be a story, so that you can answer the question ‘why did you collect this’?

#5 Put your wanderlust on the wall


Big and small combination of collages of your picture can turn the simple wall into a fascinating wall. Turn it into your personal wanderlust worship place. Make your room more dramatic and create an amazing wanderlust gallery.

#6 Paint your world

Paint your world

Get your favourite travel moment painted as there are many ways to do it. One of the major ways is framing your photos and hangs them on the wall. Just imagine, you filled your home with visual memories.

#7 Blo Blo Blog it

Budget trips

Blogging is a great way to express the experience. It will help you to organize your thoughts and you will never forget the journey you have been in. Writing is the only thing where you could express lot.

Have you followed any of the things mentioned above? What else you would love to do which make your travel memories last longer.

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