The capital city of Sikkim, situated above 5500FT, is known for the serenity and eternal happiness that it offers to the tourists coming from the various parts of the world. It was once a route for the traders from Tibet and India. Today, it is a busy administrative and a business centre with a hint of vivid cultures and a range of cuisines.

Here are The Top Peaceful Places to Visit in Gangtok:

1. MG Marg


The town centre of Gangtok, this road has beautiful flora on the either sides and benches for the tourists to sit and soak in to the beautiful atmosphere that the place never fails to create. Tourists stroll on the road with colourful handbags and memories in their head. With the shops and restaurants providing authentic cultural cuisine ranging from fast food like momos to a proper meal for the empty stomachs and curious eyes. MG Marg is that part of town which can be accessed to find a souvenir for your loved ones as well as to fascinate your mind with the beautiful scenes you have never seen before.

2. Enchey Monastery


Located from about 10kms from the Gangtok city, it is a stupa of Chinese Pagoda style built almost 200 years ago by the Lama DhrupthobKarpo, believed to have possessed supernatural powers. This monastery is the beautiful art work that represents a sacred mountain with five peaks or GyanakRiwoTse-Nga. Entrance of the shrine passes a strong message of protection of monastery and universe depicted by Kings of four Cardinal Directions. Every year around January, a two-day festival ‘Chaam’ or the masked festival gets celebrated with great pomp and excitement. There are shrines for junior monks, the sick, the poor and all the people who devote their lives to Buddhism find peace here.

 3. Tsongo or Changu Lake


Tsongo or Tsomgo or Changu Lake is a glacial lake at an altitude of 5140FT. ‘Tsongo’ means ‘source of water’. The reflections of the sky scaling mountains and the clear blue sky makes the lake even move enchanting. It becomes one of the most thrilling experiences for the daredevils as the gradient becomes steep within 15kms reaching the altitude of 10000FT. A reserve of valuable medicinal plants as well as the flora and fauna makes this place unmissable. Prayers wheels and a temple or Lord Shiva marks the religious importance of this place. Beautiful Primula flowers blooming and the Alpine vegetation adds to the serenity during autumn and summer. Breeds of ducks such as Brahmini ducks also pay a visit during their migration. Melting snow, chirping birds and a green blanket ensures you leave with a healthy mind and clean soul.

4. Do-DrulChorten Stupa


A stupa with a significant golden dome, visible from various parts of Gangtok became an important religious symbol when a renowned lama of Tibet Trulshig Rinpoche who adhered to Nyingma Order of Buddhism came to this place for hermitage. A deity immortalized on the top is known as DorjeePhurpa or Vajra Kilaya. The stupa holds religious treasures of Kanjur holy books, relics, complete mantras and several other religious objects. It’s bordered by 108 prayer wheels which on rotating clockwise are the 108 holy mantras written in Tibetan.There are several other stupas in the premises of which JhangChupChorten is significant. It can reside 700 monks. The stupas are always a symbol of peace and faith. The golden dome a dome of inspiration and motivation is a symbol of zeal and happiness. Stupas have been enlightening the wandering minds and providing a path to the lost.

5. Bakthang Waterfalls


Originating from the dense forest beside the army cantonment area this waterfall is a source of natural spring water.In local language ‘Bak’ means a forest and ‘thang’ meaning meadow or place. This place is an offbeat place to escape polluted air, noise and relax completely. The place also offers adventurous activities such as rappelling down the cliff and treks which get organized by the tourism committees. Along with a cup of tea who would not like to forget about the worldly pleasures.

Thrilling, dreamy, romantic and adventurous feelings altogether of these is because of the tree houses which remind us of our childhoods. These resorts which are miles away from chaotic cities are always a perfect getaway for everyone on long weekends.