Travellers are the best creature on this earth and the worst one hate them most. Their weird questions all along can break travellers patience. There are few questions which has chances to get in their nerves and create a volcano eruption around. So here are five things which can explode their world of peace.

1. When your relative ask how many countries have you been to


They have got the free license to ask anything to know about you. They can drag you to the level you cannot imagine. The conversation usually goes a little like this:

  • Relatives: – “So, how many countries have you been to?”
  • Traveller:- “Around twenty I think”
  • Relatives: – Leh! My son Laali lived in three hundred countries.
  • Traveller: – Pardon? “I’m pretty sure there are less than three hundred countries on this planet.”
  • Relatives: – LOLOLOL! He has been to mars as well.
  • Traveller: – *Pin drop silence*


2. Which place is your favourite?


Until you have not explored the world, how can you be so sure about your favourite place? But only we can understand this. When it comes to answer the person who led us to this bewildering array of situation, it becomes difficult to get rid of it.

3. When will you settle down?


  • Is this your long term plan? What about secure life?
  • Okay, what does that mean?
  • Where you can plan a wedding and plan kids.
  • And by doing this you secure your life?
  • Ofcourse.
  • Are you insanely out of your mind?
  • Look at your tone; this is what happens when you got no security in life.
  • Oh god!


4. When will you get a real job?


Teaching in a reputed college? A real job. Wiping hostel toilets? A real job. Full-time travel blogging? A real job. All jobs are equal and real. The only thing matter is amount on respective paychecks.

5. Aren’t you getting too old for this?


Excuse Me? I am not getting you for this. If you can bring your old granny to pilgrimage then what’s wrong in travelling the world for experiences? Wanderlust is like herpes, because – whether you want it or not – that shit is for life.

I guess we have lot of feeling which people should not criticize rather understand. Time is too short, to live long! Pack your bags now to see what world is hiding for you. Explore for the experience, because whether you succeed or not in life, at least you will get an experience of life.

Let us know if you had come across some other questions in comment box!