Stop judging me on the basis of headline because I don’t travel for luxury, I travel for experience {sound of crowd cheering}. One more thing which can make your trip inexpensive and i.e. if you know the right place to go! If you are a person who wouldn’t want to check your wallet before carrying a bag pack then we have picked 7 budget destinations for you which will turn out to be extremely easy on your pocket. Are you ready to draft some wonderful memories? Then these are the wonderful places where you can go to have lively experience.

1. Hampi


Architecture, culture, vibes, customs and many more, if these are the things which attracts you then this is a perfect place for you to be in. This place is highly known for its palaces, temples and royal buildings. The Virupaksha temple is the most prominent building in Hampi. Rest which will leave you spellbound in Hampi are Lotus Mahal, Hazara Rama Temple and Lakshmi Narasimha Temple which are built in Vijaynagar style of architecture.

How much will you lose: –

Excluding travel expenses, it will cost you INR 900 per day with accommodation. There are cottages to live in, try that for cost cutting!

2. Rishikesh


In the heart of lower Himalayas, Rishikesh is a place to breath in the lap of peace. It tops the charts among the adventurous budget holiday destination in India. It is also a place of prayers and festivals. People visit Rishikesh to calm the mind and spend their quality time in meditation and yoga. If you are looking for the thrill experience then it has variable adventure sports like forest trekking, mountain biking, water rafting, rock climbing and bungee.

How much will you lose: –

You can get hotels easily at the rate of 800 per night, your stomach would take it up to 1500 per day. Spend more on adventure sports to enlighten your trip.

3. Gokarna


Located in Uttar kannada district of Karnataka, Gokarna is famous for its beaches where you can relax entire day. If your daily life gulps you, then Gokarna is a place for you to do nothing. Enjoy yellow evening on beaches by trying your hands of Volleyball. It is framed by the majestic Western Ghats, and it has clean beaches you have ever seen, also it is an offbeat place so you would find less people here. You can live in the lodges and rooms run by the locals. We would suggest you one as it is famous among lodges in Gokarna: Namaste Lodge.


How much will you lose: –

INR 1,000 per day, excluding travel expenses.

4. Meghalaya


If hustle bustle of metropolitan cities becomes the pain in head then Meghalaya is a price to lift your soul in. It is a beautiful and wettest place in India. You will we be blessed with the nature as it has amazing gifts to surprise you and which are waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, trekking trails and impressive mountains. Meghalaya will help you in finding accommodation at very reasonable rates. Also, there is a hostel in Cherrapunji called ‘By the way’ where you can stay at INR 250 per night.

How much will you lose: –

Except traveling expense, your expenditure of the entire day will cost you around INR 800.

5. Dharamsala


If you want to see the colors of life, visit this mini-Tibet to paint your life with exceptionally bright colors of joy. It is an ideal retreat for nature lovers. It will give you out-of- the-world experiences. If you are a foodie then it has some marvelous eating joints to satisfy your starve stomach. Mainly, it is famous for wonderful temples, galleries, museums and cheap guided treks.

How much will you lose: –

-A room in a budget hotel will cost you around 200 and your expense will cost you around INR 700 per day.

6. Sikkim


Sikkim is like a cherry on the cake, and cake is India. If you want to see the loveliest piece of nature, then this is the choice to hit on. It’s wonderful climate, scenic view of the Himalayas, picturesque treks, strong Tibetan Buddhist culture and mouth-watering local food. Make your trip great and carry a camera along you to make a world full of with fantasies.

How much will you lose: –

Budget hotels are available at INR 600 up, but there are dorms too for INR 120 or single rooms for INR 250. Food: Plenty of cheap places around, momos being the specialty here: INR 100 up per meal

7. McLeod Ganj


McLeod Ganj is a place where you could sit for long hours to see the sunset in river side area. How well you can imagine this beautiful locus. This place has that vibe which sets you breath peacefully. Dumb your all worries and chill out with friends over amazing local food and drinks. I will suggest you to keep one extra holiday in your bag because “Ek din aur” is what we are fear of.

How much will you lose:-

A room in a budget hotel will cost you around 200 and your expense will cost you around INR 700 per day.

So, these are the 7 places where you can go and live your moment in low budget. Remember, spend on drafting memories.