Balloon Safari

There is a peace in letting ourselves rise up to the heights where people seem miniatures. We are sure you may have been longing to know the world from up there. Well Balloon Safari is the answer to the feeling. Balloon safaris consists of dozens of hot air balloons spread like rainbow in the sky. Hot air balloon simply consist of a wicker basket which provides for an aisle for explorers who wish to see everything from a bird’s eyes view, suspended from a gigantic balloon. This balloon consist of a hidden treasure pocket which is the source of heated air which is responsible for creating the heated and thus lighter air inside the balloons mouth causing the balloon to rise.It’s a pleasure to float in the air amidst other people looming from their own colorful balloons and absorbing the aura of free sky.

Balloon safari in neemrana

From zooming out the world and focusing the Mother Nature balloon safari provides you with an abundant supply of fresh air.For all the wanderers, this is something that helps you wander without being actually maneuvered and hence the thrill of it.  For those who are keen on creating moments, well, what could be more promising and romantic than proposing your girl on top of the world? Literally! (Well I am sure that’s what drove Gerard Butler to entice Katherine Heigl, an Ugly truth that is!!) The warmth of the burning flame makes you forget the coldness of the world and our lives and invigorates ever lose cell of our body. It’s not always about adrenaline rush. Sometimes our heart needs the tranquility and peace that we feel looking at the horizon, and that is what balloon safaris are meant for. For once let yourself be free and embrace the uncertainty of the air.