Extensive global traveling has become an obligatory part of every other profession you look at. Corporate jobs or travel writers & journalists or students – everyone is taking up international travel for their work. If your dream job involves traveling all the way round the globe, the bottom line is that you’re going to need good a Wi-Fi. There are numerous Wi-Fi systems in different hotels and airports of different countries for a working traveler’s convenience. But it may not always work or it may not be easy to connect every time. That is when your life as a contemporary nomad becomes tedious and frustrating. And the ground reality is that working as a traveler is not incredibly fun without a good Wi-Fi.

So, here are some tips and tricks for the best Wi-Fi experience while you work travel:



Giving you internet access wherever you go, the TEP wireless device is a revolutionary creation for international travelers. This device gives you a personal Wi-Fi network for 5 gadgets, including your phone, laptop, kindle, etc., by connecting to any local 3G/4G mobile network. This concept has been here for a few years. This magic tool can be a major support for people helping them to escape the crazy international roaming charges for data usage. With a battery life of 8 hours, TEP wireless works in tons of countries, saving you the charges for expensive hotel wifis.



Jiwire Wi-Fi finder is both an app as well as a website. It works as your ultimate guide for hotspot locations worldwide. Saving you the frustration of searching your access points and costs, this app/site covers more than half a million destinations and makes your hotspot hunt easier and better. This finder offers you several filters to modify your search according to your convenience, like free/paid, location, specific providers, etc.



Another amazing Wi-Fi tip is using MiFi, short for “My Wi-Fi”. This is a brand name given to wireless routers giving you mobile Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to connect up to 10 devices for Wi-Fi usage, offering voice calls, video calls, video streaming and much more. MiFi devices like JioFi are usually sleek and light-weight enabling you to stay connected on the go. These devices are easily available in online stores and can be of great aid for the working traveler class.



The hotels you stay at while your travel; often have a sluggish Wi-Fi system. And as they say, slow Wi-Fi is more infuriating than no Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi booster is just the solution for a solid, steadfast Wi-Fi signal in your hotel room or lobby or wherever you want it. This ingenious piece of equipment called TP Link-N300 Wi-Fi Antenna has the power to increase your laptop’s Wi-Fi signal by three to five times. Public areas with just one or two routers can give you a tough time connecting to the Wi-Fi. But this booster can increase any signal from a mere 20% to a booming 99%. With this device, comes the obligatory freedom you require while working on your phones and laptops. Wi-Fi booster devices are made by a wide range of companies and are easily available.


Keep go

KeepGo is an international SIM providing access to data usage all over the world, with one rate and no worries about other charges and expenses at all. It is a data-only only SIM with a work capacity of one full year. It comes in six different sizes, helping you to choose whichever size is compatible with your device. This SIM is available in sixty-four countries of Americas, Europe and Asia. For all the digital itinerants looking for a good connection for data / Wi-Fi usage, KeepGo SIM is the definitive remedy. Impending roaming issues are no more a problem with KeepGo.



Wi-Fi Dongles are also known as wingle or data card in the market. These are portable devices that can be plugged into the Ethernet port of the laptop / computer. Dongles provide access to a finite amount of data with 3G as well as 4G connectivity in exchange of some payment charged differently by different service providers and companies. What makes this technology easy to use is that these dongles don’t require any software installations and can be used directly.
Get ready to sit on a beach with your shades on, chilled juice, laptop on your lap and work with superb Wi-Fi connectivity. Enjoy your work trips with these Wi-Fi tips. Happy Working!