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Duo who travelled across India in just INR 100

It’s all started from Nainital, Anuj was sipping his tea and burst out this idea of exploring India on the road without spending a dime. His friend Ishant got impressed with the plan and backed him up to join Anuj on this epic journey. It was just one bike on which the duo left from […]


10 countries a traveller should avoid visiting

1. Democratic Republic of the Congo 2. Syria 3. Yemen 4. Ukraine 5. Turkey 6. Venezuela 7. Somalia 8. Kenya 9. Bangladesh 10. Sierra Leone


20 Interesting Facts that Will Urge You To Pack Your Bags Now and Travel

1. Travel can become a wonderful medium to nourish your problem-solving skills. 2. In U.S. travel and tourism is one of the eight jobs to make career in. 3. You can cure the heart disease through taking a vacation 4. According to some studies, money spent on travel fill your life with happiness than spent […]


10 craziest party cities in the world: Viago Guide

1. Spring Break [Cancun, Mexico] 2. Full Moon Party [KO PHA NGAN, Thailand] 3. Carnival [Rio De Janerio, Brazil] 4. IOS [Greece] 5. IBIZA [Spain] 6. Beirut [Lebanon] 7. Las Vegas [USA] 8. Mallorca [Spain] 9. Mardi Gras [New Orleans, USA] 10. El Tunco [El Salvador]


10 things to do in Delhi before you die: Viago Guide

1. Jack & Jones T-Shirts in INR 150: Chor Bazar 2. A Long Drive to Dhaba: In chilly winters no?2. A Long Drive to Dhaba: In chilly winters no? 3. JNU: It wasn’t in news for this gem! 4. Are you good in bargain? 5. Do you know Asia’s Largest Wholesale Spice Market? 6. If […]

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Is Land of Pure: Pakistan safe for Indian Women to travel in or not?

1. Here’s the short answer of the questions your mind started asking you. •Is Land of Pure safe to fly in?Yes, I believe so •Is Pakistan safe if you’re a woman travelling with a man?For sure. •Is Pakistan safe to travel in as a solo female or groups of girls?Yes, I believe so; it’s like […]

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10 Hidden Gems in Goa which are unexplored yet

1. Harvalem Falls 2. Rivona Caves 3. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa 4. Bogmalo Beach 5. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal 6. Our Lady of the Mount 7. Pequeno (Bat) Island 8. Fort Tiracol 9. Arvalem Caves 10. Mobor Beach

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5 crafty ideas to make your travel memories more vivid and enduring

#1 Stop crap, start a scrap – Scrapbook #2 Shoot ‘em all #3 Out of the boxes #4 Collect Something #5 Put your wanderlust on the wall #6 Paint your world #7 Blo Blo Blog it Meta Description:- Ideas which can change your voyage


10 Budget Hotels in India where viagotrips offers you economical packages

#1 Shimla #2 Manali #3 Nainital #4 Kasauli #5 Kasol #6 Leh #7 Kausani #8 Dharamshala #9 Dalhousie #10 Lansdowne

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5 questions all along can break travellers patience in India

1. When your relative ask how many countries have you been to Relatives: – “So, how many countries have you been to?” Traveller:- “Around twenty I think” Relatives: – Leh! My son Laali lived in three hundred countries. Traveller: – Pardon? “I’m pretty sure there are less than three hundred countries on this planet.” Relatives: […]