Bungee Jumping in India

Have you ever felt the pulse right in your mouth? As if it will just escape right in the next second, if of course the next second happens!

You want to know what being alive is like, go Bungee.

You want to know what fear tastes like, go Bungee.

You want to know what it takes to live with the fear of dying, go Bungee.

You want to test the extremities of your own courage, go Bungee.

You want to know what it feels like not to be dead, go Bungee.

You want to know what being numb despite the adrenaline rush is like, go Bungee.

Absorb the feeling and come alive!

A ‘once’ fearful jumper’s advice : Always jump with your back facing the open end, you will not feel what took you over.

Bungee jumping in manali

Bungee jumping is an answer to all the fears that you want to overcome in life. Our biggest fear, undoubtedly is the fear of dying. Bungee makes you realize what a pleasure it is to live. It makes you feel your own self in the fastest of those seconds when you are hanging between falling or floating. One of the most breathtaking activity, it is worth the fear it causes for those few seconds you are up there ties to the suspenders at the edge of the platform from where you have to jump. Usually bungees are done at greater heights where the person free falls tied to a rope, with proper safety measures. The bungee jumping in rishikesh grounds are usually adorned with beautiful rivers or lakes rather than rock solid grounds.

Bungee jumping is one of those activities which should never be clubbed with other to-visit spots. It is an experience that should be cherished and absorbed in every cell of your body. Let the heart pump more blood it ever can, let your lungs respire more than it was meant to, let your skin feel the intimate touch of air rather than your lover.

So it’s a beauty in itself to jump from heights over to the rivers. Bungee jumping is a risky affair if compromised on safety standards. So it is always recommended to go for it through trusted companies which offer these services. Because no matter what, or how worth the experience of bungee jumping is, our life is always precious than these adventure activities. Bungee jumping has been one of the highly rated adventure activities in 2014. In India the most acclaimed grounds for Bungee jumping in Rishikesh with state of an art arrangements and equipment imported from New Zealand. There has been no casualty since its inception and hence one of the most preferred bungee grounds.