Camel Safari

Do you remember the pleasure and joy of coloring with those “camel” crayons in your childhood? Well the pace at which life has moved on from those smooth moments of bliss to the target oriented rat race, we have almost forgotten what it feels like to be in those moments of joy. Surprisingly camel safari is a ‘grown-up’ replacement of those moments of bliss. Away from the maddening crowd and blaring horns, camel safari serves as a magic wand slowing down the pace of life and takes you on a roller coaster in the sands of time. No amount of mileage or sturdy tires can replace the endurance of a camel’s hump.

camel safari

It’s truly said “Life’s big moments, require simple things”. Surprisingly the complicated and ultra-sophisticated SUVs cannot help us through the deserts of Rajasthan which are a treasure trove of camel safaris. The essence of a camel safari lies in its typical walk which makes sure that you are on an adventure trip which somehow relaxes you as well as rejuvenates every cell of your body.

Rajasthan is endowed with vast stretches of sand (and no, people don’t stay on sand dunes or use camels as means of transport), specifically the regions around Jaisalmer and Jodhpur where one can camp and relish the idea of living a nomadic life at an amazingly slower pace that you can actually count your heart beats, and it’s totally worth it. Now-a-days to give a taste of camel ride, people have started giving a ride on roads, as can be seen in Udaipur and Jaipur. It’s like going to Goa, and still having Dominoes. The real delicacy is not the camel’s hump but it’s the way it feels when its walking on sand. The sand adds up to the beauty of the ride.