Camping in India

Camping has become a new abode for people to escape the tiresome life of their targeted life. They turn to woods, banks, and secluded farms, barren lands to tent out for a night or two. Camping has been one of the most trusted recreational activity for bag packers.  Camping has varied forms from tenting with the basic amenities to proper patio furniture. But the true essence lies in the raw form where you live like the ‘early-man’ burning logs of wood to cook and drinking water from a nearby lake and going for exploration of forest cover.

People customize camping in ways which are convenient for them. Camping requires basic necessities like a bed spread, a tent of course, and some tools to fight the wild creatures in case of emergency. Spending nights in the lap of nature, cooking by the fire (which we now call barbequing to sound classy), staying on the watch for some uninvited creature are the moments that drive you completely in love with your own self.

Camping is something you can do with your crazy insane friends or with someone you love. You can totally rock the place by some guitar music blended with couple of beers, dancing and singing around the campfire (one of the super moments to extract the dirty secrets out of your friend’s deepest secret vault). With your lover, you can spend the night under the starry sky counting the stars and making love with your feelings and deepest of thoughts (because deep conversations are sometimes more ecstatic).

And moreover the luxury of a suite in some beach side resort will never replace the wilderness of camping as each of us has the wild streak within us, waiting to be explored in the most raw forms. And what other way than to camp by the wilderness itself and let the nature be the witness to our explorations.