India is a Peninsular country with exquisite Himalayas extending from the rivers Ganges to Brahmaputra. They act as a barrier between the Tibetan Plateau and the Alluvial plains of the Indian Subcontinent. It consists of nearly 110 peaks with an elevation of nearly 25,000 feet above the sea level. The Himalayas, which means “ The abode of snow” remains as a pride for the Country. They also serve as a greatest attraction for mountaineers , especially for its highest peak The Mount Everest. It contains vast biodiversity of Flora and fauna. They provide deep significance to people as their mythologies and religions reflect. Parvati valley is one such major attraction, situated in Himachal Pradesh, state of India. They are primarily the part of the Himalayas.


Once you step into the Amsterdam of India, you experience the real serenity and peace. It is called the Amsterdam of India due to many Israeli settlements in the region. The aroma of some of the tastiest Israeli food just greases your nose, once you enter the town of Kasol in Parvati valley. Just take a slow walk around the town to explore its own specialties and enjoy the pleasing climate. Don’t forget to pack on your camera, as the place offers an amazing view of our country’s pride “ The Himalayas”. The scenic beauty makes anyone get the heebie- jeebies.

The places that are a must visit in Parvati Valley:

Banks of Parvati river


One must never miss to enjoy the banks of the constantly flowing Parvati amidst the snow studded valley and picturesque landscape and enjoy the chill breeze with a hot chai which can mesmerize anyone. It is a perfect spot for backpackers to set their tents and have a nice nippy night.

  The Himachal villages


There are mysterious villages like Malana, Tosh and Chalal in the Parvati Valley, which has their own stories of birth. People of Malana are believed to have gained their ancestry from Alexander The great and do not blend so much with the outside world. They are very traditional and indigenous people of Parvati valley. Tosh is a very tiny village which must be visited for the pleasant silence and peace it offers due to its scarce population. Many people stop at Chalal for its ubiquitous Marijuana sold at cheap prices and the hallucinatory parties.

 Manikaran- A hub of Spirituality


Manikaran is famous for its Manikaran Sahib (Gurudwara) and its hot sulphur springs. Spirituality and peace is revitalized at this place. The hot water from the spring is believed to treat many nasal diseases and Bronchitis.

 Flea market


This Flea market in Kasol offers everything to the tourists. From Sweaters to hiking gears, one can get them at really cheap price if they are skilled with the tactics of bargaining.

 River rafting in Kulu Manali


If you are fond of adventure sports, then you must visit Kulu for the thrilling river rafting experience with your friends.

 The trekking


The Kheerganga and the great Himalayan treks are the two important trekking spots which shouldn’t be missed. They offer great scenic fews for picture perfect selfies



One gets to taste the ever delicious food of the Israeli cuisine, which would tickle the taste buds of anyone. Due to many foreign settlements, there are many numbers of continental cafes which offer food at a very fair price.Don’t forget to have the economical candle light dinner at Evergreen café. Rice beer or Chang is one of the famous drink in Himachal Pradesh, which contains zero percent alcohol and it is a must taste.

 How to get there?

First, you need to take a bus or a cab to reach Bhunter which is nearly 500 Kms from New Delhi. You also have flights from Delhi to Bhunter. From Bhunter another bus must be taken to reach Khasol, the starting point of Parvati valley.

Still haven’t you planned the most memorable vacation for the year? Grab your sneakers and woolens and set about to experience the beauty of mother nature. Have the much needed rest and rejuvenation in the paradise of Parvati valley.