What thought comes in your mind when you hear “Pakistan”? Well, I can totally imagine how well your tongue would have been played. Apart from the media smokescreen which they have portrayed over the past thirteen years, some have gone through the ridiculous advice like ‘if a country name ends with ‘tan’ then you shouldn’t go there’. But if we keep these things aside and think about it then Pakistan is an enchanting country with many natural beauties and historical monuments waiting for you.

It has so much to offer than Ak-47 to terrorists which media can show sometimes.

1. Here’s the short answer of the questions your mind started asking you.


    • •Is Land of Pure safe to fly in?Yes, I believe so
    • •Is Pakistan safe if you’re a woman travelling with a man?For sure.
    • •Is Pakistan safe to travel in as a solo female or groups of girls?Yes, I believe so; it’s like travelling to other countries, take proper precautions.
    • •Is Pakistan safe for Indian women to travel in?….maybe.

    2. Travelling to Pakistan is not like other countries

    Travelling to Pakistan

    It has been come in trend that girls are more likely to travel solo. These days every other travel blog and wanderlust instagram account is full of the storage of solo female travel. It sounds really fantastic and cool but it can be misleading.

    Some of the female travellers gush about how you’ll be never alone, if you don’t want to, when necessary how you can buddy up with other travellers. Mostly the countries they visit have great infrastructure for tourists. But Pakistan is not for you girls, sorry, it is not your solo backpacking destination.

    3. Here are some of the pitfalls of travelling as a woman in Pakistan


    • 1. You can get few travellers there in Pakistan. I mean there is not point of count on paring up with fellow travellers if things get uncomfortable, or if you are willing to put some contrary amount of an outing.
    • 2. Pakistan has not got such great infrastructure for foreign tourists. Even there’s a lack of information, whether you look out blogs or addition stuff on internet, and getting from A to B isn’t always as easy as it seems.
    • 3. Pakistan is patriarchal as Somalia.
      Unfortunately, the chances of getting humiliated and getting unwanted commenting by man are really high. Even, there are chances that man can touch you though.
    • 4. Like outside of major cities like Lahore or Islamabad, there are number of places where you won’t mind any women on the streets, particularly at night.
    • 4. Well, the question of visiting Indian Woman to Pakistan is still there.

      visit in Indian

      Are you ready to play a little rapid fire? Play with yourself for a moment and try to answer it with soulful honesty.

      • 1. Have you ever travelled alone to anywhere?
      • 2. Let’s go straight that have you ever travelled to patriarchal countries before like Egypt and Iran?
      • 3. How well you travelled solo before in difficult locations?
      • 4. Are you prepared to plan ahead and constantly be on your guard?
      • 5. How good you trust your traveller’s instinct to know when a situation or person dances on your head is suspicious, dangerous or just trying to fit in your pants?
      • 6. Will you be okay when you see around no girl for many days?
      • 7. Are you got that potential to figure out where to stay or which place to avoid?
      • 8. Are you okay with the potential of having a male police escort with you for hours on end?
      • 9. Do you know what cautions are need to be take when you are travelling or staying alone like informing someone where are you putting up etc.
      • 10. Can you “handle” someone groping you or verbally assaulting you? Or will it ruin your entire trip?

      So if you have hit the maximum numbers of bar of Yes, then you go girl. But if your answers hold No for most of them then I urge you to consider testing waters in other destinations.

      Apart from this; Pakistan is a beautiful country having wide range of hiking peaks and impressive monuments. In some of the parts of Pakistan, people out there speak fluent English and it has been considered one of the official languages in the Islamic Republic. The people in Pakistan are brilliant, friendly and interested in helping you along your merry way.

      Now, it’s all up to you whether you would plan for it or not. We have drafted all the merits or demerits of planning a solo trip to Pakistan. It may be a missed opportunity, but better safe than sorry.