Paragliding in India

Have you ever looked up in the sky and felt like flying like a bird? Obviously! Almost everybody as a child had dreamt of flying in air. But let’s evolve the thought to our current mindsets. Have you ever thought about leaving the life you are leading and fly in the open air to the unknown horizons and be a completely different person? Yes, every person who is a wanderer at heart has had this feeling every now and then when he felt bogged down by the helplessness of residing in this body glued to a place called ‘responsibilities of adulthood’. Paragliding involves the pilot being suspended from a harness attached to an overshadowing wing like structure usually made up of the material used for making parachutes. The wing like structure is attached to harnesses in a peculiar form thereby maintaining its shape for proper buoyancy.

The freedom of flying in air as a free bird invigorates our senses. Though the harness is tied to a solid structure but again that is necessary as experiences are not more than our own life. But indeed there are professional paragliders who are involved in this activity and soar to newer heights and can travel up to several kilometers. But that requires clear skies and unhindered troposphere which is a little bit difficult looking at the state of the world today. There are special paragliding schools that train you to be a pro in paragliding whereby you can undertake paragliding to touch those unexplored horizons.

Nevertheless, the world seems beautiful from up there as we realize the smallness of our own being from the perspective of a larger one. During those moments of entire bliss, we thank the almighty for a beautifully splendid life that has been bestowed upon us without our special efforts.

Paragliding offers you one of the easiest ways for a transient living. You can feel the serenity smoothening the edges of your soul while you are up there gliding in the air. It gives you the power to be a bird if that is what you want to be. Paragliding as a recreational activity is usually performed with the harness tied to a boat or a vehicle which runs on the water front or an open ground respectively. Paragliding in Goa involves the harness being tied to a boat wherein the person is dipped in the water for few seconds and again taken off. It is a combined effect of flying, soaring, dipping and taking off again. Other paragliding activities involve the harness being tied to a gypsy which runs on the ground. It offers you the view of the entire valley if the place is surrounded by mountains as is in the lapse of nature in Manesar.

A word of caution : Learn to land properly from the trainers. Or wear a knee cap to prevent them from bruising.