River Rafting

Rafting has taken a new course in the modern world of adventurers. It involves seating up on a raft with oars which help in maneuvering the rafts initially. After travelling for a while in not-so-friendly waters, the rafts are turned and the participants are thrown off in waters where they can feel the water playing with their skin. Rafting can be done for various stretches ranging from 8kms- 36kms or more depending on the person’s will and stamina. 16kms is usually recommended as it gives you enough time to experience every moment of the adrenaline rush. 36kms is usually limited to professionals. Rafting can be done in still waters as is done at Kolad, Maharashtra or in chilled gushing waters as in Rishikesh. But the essence of river rafting lies in fighting with the water current, one of the strongest components as far as Indian mythology is concerned. The white water rafting in Rishikesh has left the youth with new vigor.

Rafting is usually seasonal, as during monsoon the level of water increases manifold, which may prove to be disastrous. Rishikesh has become an abode to river rafting owing to its raw camping facility right next to the rafting area. The immense audacity is further enhanced by ‘babajiki booty’ available enroute to various treks. Rafting opens up our sensations as our body fights with the current of water. It gives you the sudden kick which leaves you wanting for more. The water makes you believe in the life contained within our bodies. It is an experience of a life time as it opens up our senses in ways which never gets bogged down by the clutches of a fearful life. Rafting is one of those activities which is more fun if you are with your group of friends. Since it requires a whole bucket of courage and stamina it is always better to have your close friends around to keep the pumping adrenaline under check. The gushing water engulfs the fear in your life and liberates you to become a comparatively fearless person.

It is an experience worth the risk which you would want to write in your journal in the most detailed form. The only word of caution is to be careful while on the banks as well as while you are floating as sometimes the flow of water suddenly increases which may turn out to be a little bit risky. Though the trainers are at a watch throughout your stretch but a little cautiousness at our end would do wonders to our own journal entry of travel experiences.