Skiing is one of the oldest adventure activities originating from colder parts of the world. Its inception in India is not too old. But irrespective of the fact that you are a winter lover or summer, you will love the adrenaline rush that comes along racing on the snow without any actual track. The excitement lies in the fact that you could traverse the entire snow covered peaks without actually following a set pattern or a trail. But then again you have to be a bit careful if you are not a regular of the place else you may end up “Into the snow”.

The feeling of little snowflakes hitting your face like the “barf ka gola” during hot June summers sends a cool wave of happiness throughout your skin. It’s almost like paragliding except in snow on skies. So if you want to feel the speed in every vein of your body, engage in this recreational activity once in a lifetime. It is risky, yet exciting to let your body be controlled by skies and the ever slipping snow. It’s a challenge in itself to ski.

Skiing kashmir2

People who have learnt skating may find it very smooth, but those who have injured and never got back to skating may find it little more scarier as even skiing requires proper balance of your body on the skies and to top it all, not on a ground that is stable but on snow that is smooth and slips. There are several ski resorts in cooler places of India which provide you with proper equipment and the trails for skiing in a safer way. But to hell with too much of safety. Explore your inner courage and overcome your fear of the uncertain in the snow covered peaks of Himalayas. They have protected us from the world, they will protect you as well.

Go skiing and get lost in the purity of the color of the snow. And find your way back to ensure a chapter in your journal of travel explorations.