The grass is always greener over the other side; this is literally true in this case!! Those lush green pastures with ever alluring breeze and calm yet magnificent backwaters, this place has more than spices to offer!! Let’s take a mini tour to God's own country!!



Let our tour begin with some prayer and gratitude. Guruvaayur temple is one the mystical temple of Lord Vishnu in Kerala. It’s considered as the ultimate abode of lord Vishnu. The Gajagarajan, king of elephants resided here over the years. The main idol, in popular belief, was presented by Lord Vishnu himself to his ardent disciple. The holy pond water is said to have magical properties. Hope you get lucky to get a taste of it!!!



How about a soothing breeze and the pleasant bluish brackish waters as a treat to our eyes? The house boat ride is definitely a ritual if you visit the back waters. Initially this was used to transport grains from the fertile lands surrounding the backwaters. Yes, the backwaters of Kerala are he ideal places for couples and to have your fairytale wedding!! Those clear blue waters with a clean environment escapes from pollution is a sight to see!!!



How about the idea of a hill station within a hill station? Well, Kerala quite having a cool climate has Munnar, the amazing honeymoon spot. Munnar means three rivers in Tamil. The hill station is known for its crystal water falls and aromatic tea plantations which are currently owned by TATA Ltd.With all its greenery, cool misty ambience and wildlife this place holds wonders yet to be explored by adventurers!! Who knows maybe you might come across your new pet there!!!



Also known as the land of paddy fields, this place is a stretch of the Western Ghats. This place existed as early during the new age civilization. It is the abode of several tribal families such as the Kurichyas, Ooralis, Kadans etc.. Apart from their ever green paddy fields, crops like coffee, pulses are also grown because of the humid climate. With its variety of waterfalls, sanctuaries and beaches, a Wayanad visit will cover up entire Kerala’sspecialties!!



This is the largest museum in Kerala. If you are more into knowing about history of Kerala, then this is the place that you must visit!! It is collaboration of an archaeological museum, deer park and children’s park. It talks about the royal history of Cochin and serves as a manuscript collection centre. People who write about Kerala‘s hairstylist definitely visit this museum.A dazzling collection of ancient paintings, kinds of swords , scriptures etc..



It is one of the must visit monuments for all historians. It is an 18 th century building. Builton a 15 acre land this place unravels the secrets of the invasions of Mysore and the British.The Hanuman temple is very famous here. It used be the elephants' stable during the Sultan’s time. Rappadi is an open air auditorium which is maintained by the archaeological survey of India. It is also known as the Tipu sultanfort because of his invasion during the medieval period.



If you ever wanted to relax, spend time with your loved one and relish nature, all at the same time,welcome!! With its spice-scented air its main crops are cardamom and cinnamon. There is a splendid artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar dam.The famous MangalaDevi temple is the star attraction during the chithrapournami festival. Thekkady is here to provide you all the amenities!!



Have you ever dreamed of those romantic green places where songs are shot? These falls are then will be a dream come true!! A sparkling pour of water with breath-taking greenery, it is a splendid view!!!!
Welcome back to reality!! But this dreamy visit can become a reality if you have the money and the best trip advisors out there!! Dive into the beauty and divinity of the ‘Land of coconuts ‘!!!



How about a long sun bath and a rejuvenating turmeric massage?? Kovalam beach is the most visited beaches of Kerala for its cool atmosphere and crescent -shaped water waves.



It is a teeny-tiny village, yet known for its training in various traditional arts-kathakali, kalaripayattu etc. The annual boat race takes place here during the last week of Onam.