There is an excitement in living on the edge. “There is something right with the world today” and so did Aero Smith felt. A trekker can never be caged in the camps at the foothills or be controlled by the world. The only thing that controls them is nature. They could spend their lives in the arms of mountains or jungles. Trekking is an altogether different kind of a heady feeling. The always-on-the-toes approach gives a certain kind of ‘kick’, but of course only if you really want to explore the depths and heights. Trekking is not only restricted to rocky mountains but also includes the unexplored jungles and hill stations which seem more vibrant and alive when trekked through than traversed on vehicles.

Trekking makes you answerable to your own breaths which we somehow take for granted amidst the glorification of heart beats. You realize the essence of every single breath that you take. You learn to take charge of your own steps. It makes you believe how important every step is in order to reach your goal. Trekking liberates your mental clutches that inhibits you from aiming higher and lets you explore your own potential. It teaches you to travel light, mentally and physically.

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Mountain trekking requires a tough athletic mental frame of mind as it is riskier than a wild trek. One wrong step and you may end up where you started. Moreover, being physically challenging in real sense, it takes control over your body that you feel you are tamed by the rocks which seem to own your every step. It requires a good deal of physical stamina and rock hard will power to be able to overcome any obstacle, be it your own mind. Wild trek or a jungle trek is comparatively less straining except for the continuous mental activity which is required to stay on high alert every second. Because creatures don’t really warn you before attacking especially when you are encroaching on their land for your explorations. You can halt somewhere on the way, light a smoke (if you are ok with compromising on your stamina), chat with fellow trekkers, relax and again start your trek with a new ecstatic energy. A healthy group of people who have the art of sing along with the wild would suffice a memorable trekking spree.

“The mountains are calling and you must go and let the wilderness absorb your sweat and be the witness to your soul exploration.