WildLife Safari in India

Wildlife safaris are something that you can call old school rock n roll. They have been into existence since ages. But previously they were more random and dispersed as compared to the organized safaris the adventure camps organize in today’s world. Wildlife safaris can range from traversing the forests in open gypsies to a closed space with glassed vaults where you can relish the wild right in front of your eyes. India is one of the best places for witnessing the wilderness in its crude form owing to its immense span of jungles and forest cover and rich diversity. You may encounter the wild in all their forms ranging from a small porcupine to beastly lions, tiger and elephants in their very own natural habitat drinking water or taking an evening stroll.

Usually wildlife safaris are headed by trained forest officials who know the way, else it won’t be long that we’ll have to play by the rules of man vs wild. They guide us through the forest in open gypsies looking for footprints of animals in the area. Every wildlife safari is famous for one or two animals owing to their habitat.

wildlife safari

It is a chilling experience in itself to be exploring the forest for a single glimpse of a tiger and when it is right there in front of you drinking water or walking away somewhere. It sends chills down your spine to encounter an animal we have only read about in novels or seen in action in animated movies. But the fun and frolic during a wildlife safari should be kept at bay as your enthusiasm and excitement may turn out to be a nuisance to the wild and they may make you quit your life just like some petty neighbors.

There are some silence zones while on a wildlife safari which should be strictly maintained if you really want to have an experience else you may lose a lifetime for creating any more new experiences. Always carry the basic necessities that the safari guide asks you to which may include a Swiss knife, binoculars, enough water, boots, emergency lights and so on. You never know when nature betrays you and you are all on your own. The best time for wildlife safaris is early morning before the sun rises when you can observe the animals moving more freely in their habitat.