Zip Line

Zip line also commonly known as flying fox for its speed is a lesser heart thumbing activity. With the advent of paragliding zip line has become a thing of past. But nevertheless there are places which still offer the old school kind adventure. And undoubtedly zip lining in itself is an exciting activity. It involves the person being suspended by a pulley over a cable. The mechanism is based on the force of gravity which helps the person to zip over the cable from higher to lower altitude.

zip line2

Zip line is usually a mellow activity when the slope of the cable is decent and not at greater heights. But when the zip lines traverse through a long distance over some forest area or a cliff, it sure puts your heart in the mouth. A less complicated form of paragliding, it helps you feel the breeze right across your face with less worries of heart beating wildly against the skin. Various zip lines also consists of cars where a person can be seated as well. Though there have been sophisticated zip lines but the real fun lies in the raw liners where the person hold on to the pulley and swims across the air from top to bottom of the cable.

Let the air talk to your skin and let you hair feel the air within them.